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Newborn Care Tips

During the initial 10 days at home with your baby, there are things that will come naturally but some will not. During the first 10 days, understanding how to care for your newborn can give you a lot of fun and excitement hence leading to minimal stress. Below is a list of things to help you care for your newborn.

Holding is the first element we’ll look at. Your newborn might feel delicate to you but you should not be terrified to touch, handle, or embrace him/her. In fact, research has proved that babies who’re held for a period exceeding 2 hours each day thrive better and weep less. No babe care guide is considered complete without this helpful advice. However, you should remember that your toddler’s neck muscles are yet to be developed hence you’ll need to support its head when you pick her/him up. Also, you need to support his/her head using the opposite hand or against your shoulder while carrying her/him.

Bathing is the next newborn care element. Baby care after delivery regularly involves bathing your toddler, a thing that most new mothers find very challenging. You need to give your toddler a sponge bath until the umbilical cord becomes detached and the navel heals totally. Also, ensure the circumcision has healed. A bath 2-3 times a week during the first year is okay. Frequent bathing can cause your toddler’s skin to dry. Among the items, you will need to bathe your child include a soft, spotless washcloth, mild, non-perfumed baby shampoo and soap, towels, a clean diaper, clean clothes, and a soft brush to rouse the baby’s scalp. Undress your child and instantly place him/her in water that’s no more than 2-3 inches deep. Support the head with one hand then slowly place your child on the chest of the tub. Use his/her face and hair with a washcloth as you gently massage his/her scalp. When rinsing the soap from the baby’s head, ensure it doesn’t get into the eyes. Gently clean the other body with water and soap. You have to keep pouring water over the toddler’s body to prevent them from getting cold.

Diaper change is the next element. Many new parents are surprised at the number of times a baby goes through diapers. You need to have plenty of diapers when your child comes. Also, learn how to change your toddler’s diaper before you deliver. Since many newborns develop diaper rash, be prepared. Upon seeing a symptom of redness, you should apply a safe and effective zinc oxide-based cream on the diaper. Ensure you apply diaper rash powder every time you change the diaper to keep your kid’s diaper dry. This way, you’ll repel moisture and decrease friction on the skin hence providing complete protection.

For more newborn care tips, you can choose to visit blogs that post newborn care tips. However, you should read reviews and ask other parents so that they can provide you with insights on which blogs provide valuable information.

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